1. Solar Sign Lights

    Solar Sign Lights

    The Economy Solar Sign Light is designed to draw attention to your real estate signs by casting light on both sides. It can be mounted on any of the sign frames or real estate sign posts. The unit can be mounted to the bottom of the am of a sign post allowing you to still use riders on the top of the arm.

    solar sign light

    The Economy Solar Real Estate Sign Light is designed for smaller signs (up to 24” wide) and to shine light down on both sides of the sign at night.  The Solar Sign Light uses a solar cell during the day to charge a rechargeable battery that lights up your sign during the night.

    There is a light sensor in the solar panel that automatically turns the unit on when it becomes dark.

    Solar Sign Lights

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  2. Sign Rider Clips

    sign rider clip

    We designed these rider clips to hold a sign rider insert on top of a real estate sign post arm.  But they will work to hold a sign perpendicular to any surface.  For example, they could be used to fasten a sign to a wall, table or practically any surface.

    rider sign clip

    The sign rider clips are made out of White PVC vinyl and come with a zinc plated thumb screw and nut to enable you to change out signs quickly.  Standard wood screws can be used to fasten the clips to wood or vinyl products.  drill-point screws are also available to fasten the rider clips to metals.  They also come with an adhesive strip, however, we recommend using screws if the sign rider clips are to be installed outside.  1 or more clips may be needed depending on the size of your sign.

    Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches long, 7/8 inches wide, 3/4 inched tall.  The clip will hold signs up to 1/4 inch wide.

    sold sign holder

    sign insert holder

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  3. Real Estate Sign Posts

    Today we are featuring our primary product line: Real Estate Sign Posts

    real estate sign post

    Some people call these types of sign posts Real Estate Swing Posts or Yard Sign Posts.  We manufacture these real estate posts out of 2 different types of materials, white pvc vinyl and aluminum.  There are a few differences between the two types of materials.

    Vinyl Real Estate Sign Posts

    Our vinyl sign posts are made with the same material that PVC fences are made with.  the vinyl material is designed to be used outdoors and has UV inhibitors to protect it from the elements and is covered by an extensive warranty against fading, warping, cracking, etc.  Under normal conditions our vinyl real estate sign posts will last for many years.  All of our vinyl sign posts are white in color.

    We offer 2 different vinyl sign posts:  the traditional real estate post and the Heavy duty sign post. Both are made from the same type of material, the main difference between the 2 is size.  The traditional sign post is smaller standing at 64 inches tall with a 2 x 3 1/2 inch post and a 1 x 3 inch arm.  The Heavy duty sign post is 72" tall and has a 4x4 inch post and a 2 x 3 1/2 inch arm.  The heavy duty post also available with many options such as decorative PVC post caps, solar caps, and post bases.

    vinyl real estate sign post

    Metal Real Estate Sign Posts

    The main reason why we started to manufacture aluminum sign posts was for color.  We can powder coat the aluminum sign posts any color you desire.  Powder coating is the process of applying a layer polyester powder and then baking it onto the surface of the metal in a large oven.  Aluminum is a light weight but strong metal that won't corrode or rust.  Powder coated surfaces can be scratched if mishandled so a bit more care should be taken when handling these portable real estate sign posts.  However, the good news is they can be touched up with a standard exterior grade metal paint if needed.

    The aluminum sign posts and arms are made out of 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inch profiles and the posts are 60 inches tall.  At the time of writing this post we are in process of adding tooling and a larger oven to enable us to make these posts taller, up to 6 ft.   One advantage of our aluminum real estate sign posts over the competion.

     red real estate sign post

    blue real estate sign post

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