Can you do custom colored real estate sign posts?

Yes, we can do custom colors on the aluminum products (the vinyl sign posts are only available in white).  We stock white, black, red, and blue powder-coat powders.  If you need a different color you have a couple options.  The first is to use an existing powder available through one of our suppliers.  We can request some some chips and send them to you and then you can choose the best match.  There is a set up fee of $75 for the this method just to cover the additional shipping charges involved in transporting the chips and powder.  We can usually get a pretty good match with this method.  However, if that method doesn't do the trick or you need to match an exact color then the other option is to have a powder manufactured to your specifications.  This option can cost over $1000 so it usually doesn't make economic sense unless you require a lot of product.

It is easier and sometimes less expensive to match printed materials to powder coated products than the other way around.  So if you are still in the design process one option is to have your powder coated items made first and then match your printing to that.  Food for thought.