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Spillover Sign Frames


Fits contour cut signs that can spillover the top of the frame into any shape.  You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to these real estate sign frames.  

Notes / Special Instructions

  • 250 char. max
Color: White
Install Method: Ground Stakes

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit price You Save
2 $53.05 $6.77
3 $51.36 $15.24
6 $49.67 $40.64
12 $47.97 $101.59
50 $46.28 $507.96
100 $44.59 $1,185.24


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There is no top bar so your sign can spill over into any shape you want.  We custom make these frames to match the dimensions of your signs.  They are available with ground stakes, frame feet, or both options.  Powder coated and available in different colors.  Please allow some time for fabrication.  These frames bolt together and ship unassembled.

These frames are designed to be used with 3 mm aluminum composite material (AKA Dibond, ACM, Aluminum sandwich board).  The frames will work with4 mm coroplast, however we don't recommend coroplast for outdoor use as it is quite flexible and a strong wind gust could separate the coroplast sign from the frame.

Things to think about when designing your signs.

  • Many sign printers will contour cut the signs from a full 4x8 ft sheet of substrate.  Ideally you should design your sign so that you can fit as many signs on one sheet as possible.  That will allow for the best possible pricing and little waste.  In many instances you will be able to fit your sign riders on the same sheet and also have different artwork and colors for each sign (see example below).
  • Most signs are cut out with a CNC router and the the tooling requires about 1/2" margin between your signs.  We recommend making your signs 1/2 smaller in length and width as you will be able to fit more signs onto one sheet of substrate. 
  • Don't place important artwork or text within 1 inch of the edges of the sign that insert into the frame.

sample contour cut layout     

Assembly and installation

We strongly encourage to watch the video as the installation and assembly instructions below will make a lot more sense and assembly will be a piece of cake.  These frames are simple to put together and and only require 4 bolts for the standard frames, 6 bolts if you add the bottom rider.  You will need a standard screwdriver (or a drill is faster) with a Phillips head (medium or large + shape) or a Robertson (medium square head). 

Assemble the Frame

  1. Remove the bolts from the ends of the rails and posts (if they are still attached)
  2. Attach both bottom rails to one of the side posts - Insert the rails in the the bottom square holes of the vertical post (slots up), insert the bolts through the holes on the back side of the post and thread them into the ends of the bottom rails.  Tighten completely.
  3. Attach the other post to the the bottom rails - but do not tighten the bolts yet, leave them loose so this post can pivot out of the way for the next step.
  4. Insert the main sign panel into the bottom rail and side post (the one that is firmly attached).  When the sign is in the right place pivot the loose post into place and tighten the bolts completely.  The frame should no be completely assembled and the main sign panel should be held firmly on three sides.  Don't install the bottom rider at this step as rider signs are designed to slide into place later on after the frame is assembled.

Inserting the bottom rider. (If your frame has a bottom rider slot).  The slide-in bottom rider slots are designed so you can quickly change the signs without any tools.

  1. Slide the rider sign into one side of the frame, pivot the sign sign and slide it into the other side of the frame, center the sign and let it  drop into place.
  2. insert the frame clips into the frame above the rider sign to keep it firmly in place.
  3. To change the rider remove the plastic frame clips, and then follow the above steps in reverse.

Installing the frame in the ground (if your frame came with ground stakes).


  1. Assemble the frame first
  2. Pound the ground stakes into the ground.  HINT: it is easiest to use your assembled frame as a template to identify the exact location for each ground stake.
  3. slide the assembled frame over the ground stakes
  4. ANOTHER HINT for installing ground stakes into frozen ground.  bring and cordless drill with a 3/4" spade bit and pre-drill holes into the frozen ground where your stakes are going to go.
  5. AND YET ANOTHER HINT for Removing stubborn ground stakes.  This tool is awesome and was designed to remove ground stakes easily without damaging them.  this is a good investment if you installing and removing a lot of sign frames and sign posts as you won't be replacing damaged stakes all the time.  There is a less expensive hack that you can try that requires a car jack and a pipe wrench.  This works well if you only need to remove stubborn stakes once in a while.  Google "remove stakes with pipe wrench and jack" and you can see how it is done.

Frame Feet.

  • The frames are designed to be used with either ground stakes or frame feet.  Align the the snap button on the frame feet with the holes on the bottoms of the frame and snap them into place.  The feet can be removed by pressing the snap button and pulling the feet out of the frame.


Spillover Template - House Top

23.5" x 17.5" base 23.5" x 23.5" total dimension. PDF Download and customize

Download (2.95KB)

Spillover Template - Rounded Top

23.5" w x 17.5" h base 23.5" w x 29.5" h total dimension. PDF Download and customize

Download (377.18KB)

Spillover - Rider

5.5" x 23.5" rider template contour cut outline

Download (376.92KB)

Spillover Horizontal rounded top

base 29.5" wide x 17.5" tall total dimension 29.5" wide x 23.5" tall

Download (377.01KB)