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Economy Solar Sign Light


designed to light up both sides of your sign.  Turns on automatically at night and recharges during the day.  Suitable for signs up to 24" wide.  This can be screwed to the under side of the arm of a real estate sign post or on the top of a sign frame.



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Economy Solar Sign Light

The Economy Solar Real Estate Sign Light is designed for smaller signs (up to 24” wide) and to shine light down on both sides of the sign at night. The Solar Sign Light uses a solar cell during the day to charge a rechargeable battery that lights up your sign during the night.

There is a light sensor in the solar panel that automatically turns the unit on when it becomes dark.

Battery life and hours of operation are completely dependent on the installation area and geographical location. For example, operation hours will be reduced if the light is installed in Alaska in the middle of winter when daylight hours are minimal compared with a light installed in Arizona in the middle of the summer. Ideally, the solar panels should be situated where they can get the maximum amount of direct sunlight during the day. More direct sunlight during the day equals longer operation hours during the night.


Center the light over the sign and screw the light to your substrate with the screws provided. Use the screw holes located on the center of the bracket. The Solar Sign Light will fit on substrates ranging from ¾” inch to 5” inches.

For real estate sign posts with a cross arm and hanging signs we recommend screwing the unit to the bottom side of the horizontal cross arm.  The unit can be screwed to the top of the crossbar on a real estate sign frame.

The unit should be installed where it can receive maximum sunlight. If the unit is installed in shady areas (e.g. trees, buildings and other obstructions) during peak sun hours (10am-4pm) the unit will not function at its full capacity and the battery life may be shortened prematurely. We recommend installing the Solar Sign Light as early as possible in the morning on the first day you plan to use it in order for the unit to get a full days charge for operation at night.


  1. Step 1. Turn BOTH switches to the on position. Each side operates independently of the other.
  2. Step 2. Allow unit to charge in direct sunlight all day


If your Solar Real Estate Sign Light does not turn on at night the problem may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. The switches are not set to the on position. Be sure both switches are turned on. The unit will not charge throughout the day or operate at night if the switch is in the off position.
  2. An ambient light source shining on the panel is "tricking" the unit into thinking it’s daytime. There is a light sensor in the solar panel that automatically turns the unit on when it becomes dark. If there is light shining directly on the solar panel the sensor may think it is still daytime Try covering the top of the unit with your hand to block out all light. If the light turns on then a lighting source is affecting your unit at night. Reposition the sign to a location with no ambient light source or remove the light source.
  3. A battery did not receive a proper charge (no power reserve in battery) due to weather conditions or shadows during the day. To test the unit let it charge in direct sunlight or try placing it under a 500w halogen bulb (6 to 8 inches away) for one minute with the switch on then cover the panel with your hand to check for operation. If the unit operates then your unit is not receiving a sufficient charge throughout the day. Cloudy/stormy weather can cause this. Snow on the unit or excessive shade can also cause this. Make sure the unit is placed in a sunny spot so that it may charge properly during the day.
  4. A rechargeable battery is dead. The units are designed to operate for years, however in time the battery may lose it charging capabilities and die like most rechargeable batteries do. The battery can be replaced with a AAA nimh rechargeable battery. Each side of the lights operates independently from one another. It may be that only one side needs to be replaced and the other is still fine.