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Custom Coloured Real Estate Sign Posts

Custom colored real estate sign post made of aluminum and powder coated to your custom specifications.  Minimum Order: 6 sign posts.

Step 1: CHOOSE YOUR COLOR. click on this link powder coat colors to choose your custom powder coat color.  We do require that you see an actual physical sample swatch of the color prior to ordering your sign posts.  You can order as many free color swatches as you want and have them shipped directly to you.  DO NOT choose any powder that requires a second coat, clear coat, or top coat.  All other powders, including those with textures, should work.   Once you have seen a physical sample of the color and made your decision come back here and order your sign posts.  Do not base your color decision on what you see on your monitor or screen because the actual colors can be very very different and there are no refunds for custom colored products...Don't take that chance!  See more details below.

If you have any questions or need help with this step please contact us, we are here to help.


More Information

There are a few things to keep in mind when matching printed material (eg. signs) to powder coated material (eg. sign posts).  The most important is that there are a limited number of powder coating colors available as each color has to be manufactured individually.  What that usually means is that if you are trying to match a very specific color chances are that exact color doesn’t exist in powder form. However, there is probably something very close available.   For this reason it is usually better to start with the powder coat color and match printed material to that as printing does not have the same limitations.

Prismatic Powders supply our powders for custom colors and you can order free color swatches directly from them.  When selecting colors only choose powders that require only 1 coat and are appropriate for outdoor use, do not choose powders that require multiple coats such as top coats, clear coats, or translucents.  If you already have signs and would like to try and match a powder to them order as many color swatches as you need.

What if you can't find the perfect match?  there are 2 options, you can either change the color on your signs or branding to match a specific powder color, or a powder can be manufactured to match exactly.  However this process takes time (a couple months) and is fairly expensive.  As a result there is a $100 set up charge and a minimum order of 100 sign posts for orders requiring powder fabrication.

Approval Process:

Approval of an actual physical sample of the color is required.  We cannot accept approvals based on viewing the color on a screen as color’s appearance can vary from one monitor to another.  After the physical sample has been approved we will bring in the powders and manufacture the products. This process usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks. We will only bring in enough powder to fulfill the specific order, please allow for additional fabrication time to bring more powder in for subsequent orders.

Refunds and Returns:

Custom powder coated products are prepaid. No returns or refunds as these custom products could not be resold. There is a 1 year warranty against defects.


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