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black real estate sign post
  • black real estate sign post

Black Real Estate Sign Post


Aluminum Real Estate Sign Post.  These come with a full length 1-piece post powder coated black.  These products are non-stock.  Please allow a few days for fabrication.



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Aluminum real estate sign posts with a full length, 1-piece vertical post.  Powder coated black.  Includes aluminum caps on the post and arm powder coated to match the post.  Also Includes a steel stake and all required hardware to hang your sign.

Hardware included: steel ground stake, 3 eyebolts, 3 safety pin clips, 2 sign rider clips with screws, arm with caps, 1-piece post with cap. 1 swing restraint grommet on the post for those that wish to prevent their signs from swinging in the wind.

Sign Fastener locations.  spaced 16 inches or 19 inches apart on center.

  • Post: various heights x 2 3/4 inches x 2 1/4 inches (1-piece post)
  • Arm: various lengths x 2 3/4 inches x 2 1/4 inches
  • Stake: 32 inches long - 1 1/2 inch steel angle iron

Shipping Dimensions

  • 72"x5"x3" box, 12.5 lbs.  Best shipping rates per unit when bundled together in packs of 6.

Custom post and arm lengths available upon request.  Customization will add time to order processing.

Assemby and Installation instructions


1. Pound the stake into the ground to a sufficient depth (a small sledge hammer is ideal).
2. Slide the post over the stake.
3. Attach the arm to the post.
4. Screw the eye bolts into the threaded grommets to the desired depth. Attach your sign to the eye bolts with the safety pin clips. attach the optional rider clips to the top of the arm as desired.